What I thought my new home and edit suite at Jumpcut would be for the duration of the shoot. Now the tower’s being replaced by a Macbook and the left monitor with a big fucking telly!

Zam recommended I look into Walter Murch and I found this great statement from a Q&A.

"Filmmaking starts with 10,000 questions and 1 certainty. Once the film’s finished, you have 10,000 certainties and 1 question that is a gift to the audience to take home and think about. The kicker is that the filmmaker can’t know that question unti it’s finished and needs the audience to help him answer it."

JUMPCUT - Day 11

Great meeting with the director, Zam Salim, about how he wants to approach the edit of this year’s film, “Dropping Off Michael”. I’ve realised over the production so far I’m too used to editing music videos, so getting back to the elements of telling a story that got me interested in editing in the first place has me excited.

Would highly recommend watching this or any of the other short films below.

Another reason to love Spike Jonze that I didn’t know about.

Screenshots for a moodboard used for our pitch at Jumpcut today. Just examples of the general aesthetic we had in mind for the film - claustrophobic environment; very close confrontational framing of the characters; raw, messy, crowded shots during the fight scene; and we also liked the look of desaturated colour, with red being emphasised.

Plus, Her and Fargo are awesome, but you already know.

A look at my work from the past couple years. Bits of my film, Taking Tam-o, (still in post-production), music videos, gigs, promos, docs and all that good stuff.